Colossians 4:10-18

When we become born again; our lives are no longer ours.  We become children of God and surrender our will and our lives to Jesus if we choose to do so.  God has given us our will so although we can confess that we love Jesus individually we have got our levels of commitment to our cause and our profession in Christ Jesus.  In the passages we have read we can see people who were mentioned because of their good works and because they fulfilled their ministry.  Does this sound like you or me?  Faithfulness is an essential ingredient if we want to fulfil our God-given ministry.

What is Faithfulness?

Faithfulness is serving God with all of our hearts insincerity.  Our faithfulness will determine would determine if other areas of service would be added to our ministry; if we are faithful in little things more can be added to us. Remember the man who gave talents to his servants; those that use the talents wisely received more whilst the one did not use it lost his.  Whatever area God has given you to serve Him the most important requirement is faithfulness.  God is faithful to us all but how many of us are faithful to him; we confess that we love Him yet; our service to him is like providing ‘eye-service’ and who are our friends in the Lord.

Conditions of Faithfulness

Avoid Self Exaltation

Acts 14:14; Paul and Barnabas rent their garments when the Lycaonians wanted to take them as a god after healing a crippled man. They gave them names Jupiter and Mercury and wanted to worship them.  Whatever we are able to do in God’s vineyard we should give all the glory to God and exalt him.  We should never take any glory for ourselves because it is not us but God who lives in us.


Without holiness no one will see God; it is important to be holy to be able to draw closer to God.  We should be holy within and without because we have clouds of witnesses around us as believers.  If we want to serve God faithfully we should eschew all manner of evil such as pride, gossiping, resentment, malicious thoughts and others.

Quality Prayer Life

We cannot succeed in doing the work of God without praying; praying always with thanksgiving and supplication for others.  We should pray to draw close to God because the more we pray the more we become close to Him and the more we are attentive to the Holy Spirit

Study the Word of God

Studying the Word of God is very essential to enable us to know the requirements of our service to God; the Word would open the truth to us and it will help us to stand in the day of trouble.  When the storms of persecution stand against us the Word of God would encourage us and make us bold for God’s service


We should also have focus to be able to make any progress.  You focus on the race till you reach the end withstanding any distraction and discouragement that comes your way.  Forget the past and move on. Philippians

Evaluate Ourselves – Self-examination

There is the need for development; we have to grow and before growth, you have to know where you are at the moment and build on; evaluate yourself daily and submit to training and counselling to able to correct yourself against any pitfalls and inadequacies for the service.  We cannot develop in isolation so we have to complement each other and learn from each other.

Be prepared to Work in any area for God

There are areas of service that some of us would say; I do not want to work there.  This may be due to lack of confidence, shyness or pride or because you do not get along with another brother or sister.  If this is your motive then you should lay your baton down and go on your knees of prayer for God to grant you grace and deliver you from those areas.  We should not compare ourselves to ourselves measuring our successes against others; this is very dangerous as it will bring about unholy completion and create hatred and spite within the body of Christ.  Our measuring yardstick should be the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles that have gone before us; what they did.  Apostle Paul rent his clothes when healed someone and the people were calling him god.


Lastly, we must be diligent and watchful because our adversary the devil is watching us find areas where he will use to wreck our ministry.  We should put all our heart and life into God’s work and depend on the grace of God which is sufficient for us.  We should not allow carelessness to take away the grace of God from our lives and ruin our ministry.


  • Mention some men and women in the Scripture who were faithful in their service to the Lord (4 or more people)
  • Find out from the following references how we can fulfil our ministry

11 Timothy 2: 3-4,1Timothy 6:11,11 Timothy 2:15, Philippians 3:13-14

  • What are some dangers we must avoid in order to fulfil our ministry

(4 or more)