Build and Rebuild Broken Walls

Our homes are broken, Church broken, lives broken, nations broke and our world is broken. A weaken nations Nehemiah 1:3. It will only take people like Nehemiah with understanding to rebuild our broken walls. Nehemiah sacrificed his fine position for the good cause of rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem and the welfare of the Jews who escaped from captivity. The sacrificial service always needed when a great work is to be accomplished. In fact, Nehemiah didn’t have to do anything regarding who is suffering or not. He had a fine and good position; he would have decided to enjoy his position in the Palace with many goodies. However, one thing worthy of notes; Nehemiah by divine appointment happened to be also in the same place “Shushan” where Daniel saw the vision (Daniel 8:2). A place of Revelation where serious, committed Christians would like to be. However, many have found and owned Palaces and places like Shushan; but unfortunately few listen to the cry and suffering of the needy.

Nehemiah cried and wept and mourned for Jerusalem a season of praying and fasting (v4-11) was conducted and presented before the God of the Jews. The State of mind which I think should precede all great spiritual enterprises – warfare. The place of revelation, Nehemiah’s in his words when prayed calling on God (v5) was very similar to the prayer prayed by Daniel (Daniel 9:4). As Ezra, Nehemiah includes himself in the need for repentance (Ezra 9:6). Also National repentance as a great condition for National restoration (chapter 1:9). Why? Because people were corrupt, they didn’t keep the commandment, statutes and righteous judgement as commanded (v7).

Ironically, we have in many times heard a call in a season for fasting and prayer. Many would show up only as a sign of respect to the call whilst others sincerely having a go with the devil, crack and destroying his territory and take over. Some also would dramatically be praying for themselves, pop up one eye open to see those he/she had in mind how they are behaving. The ‘I don’t care’ ones would not hesitate to open both eyes. Did you say what about “watch and pray” in the Bible? Yeah, you are right, Jesus said so to the disciples in Matthew 26:41. When you familiarise yourself with the text; Jesus was warning them about temptation which was about to come upon them; temptation to forsake Him. You can find this perfidious act against one (Christ) who was so good, kind and gracious (Matthew 26:47), Daniel  Remember, your motive counts at prayer and fasting.


The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16b

As Nehemiah found favour before King Axaxerxes; your victory or success is nothing but grief and anger to the enemies but go ahead, the Lord is with you; stick to the necessity of facing your work (Chapter 2:15) do not be distracted.

Rise up and build and rebuild with others – the people of like minds, like passions, below are the methods of overcoming all hindrances to spiritual work.

* Ridicule: Nehemiah 2:19; Samballat and Tobia – You will overcome by confidence in God (v20)

* Wrath and Contempt: Chapter 4:3 – You will overcome by prayer and hard work Chapter 4:4-6

* Conspiracy: Nehemiah 4:7-8; You will overcome by Watchfulness and Prayer Chapter 4:9

* Selfish Greed: Nehemiah 5:1-5; Overcome by rebuke and self-sacrifice e.g. Chapter 5:6-7.

* Work Completed; enemies confounded by persistent endeavour. Chapter 6:1-15

Let us consider the above points one by one if I may:

Ridicule: There are many Christians who are still in a type of Samballat and Tobias world, they continue to laugh to scorn those who truly served the Lord; “Cast not away therefore, your confidence which hath great recompense of reward”. Hebrew 10:35

Wrath and Contempt: Chapter 4. True Christian workers must expect oppositions from the world, contempt and violence from the enemies and discouragement from the Church; many will speak evil about and against you, up to nothing but in a bid to destroy what you have built or rebuilt.

Conspiracy: God knows and we know all those insiders who fight to hinder the progress of building and rebuilding of our broken lives, home and true Church of God. As Samballat and Tobia, Ahitophel, Greshem are known and spotted as conspirators in the Bible, your works are also known by God even if no one knows, that you hinder the work of God anywhere.

CONSPIRATORS: These groups are deadly and dangerous. A few days ago, I came across a BBC documentary of a young British white woman, Jennifer is the name; who met an American young man on social media. They made an arrangement to meet in America. She travelled to America to meet this young black man. Unknown to the young black man, this white woman had two other black men who are her co-conspirators living in America. After the first meeting, she made further arrangement to meet the young man somewhere and the young man agreed. At the meeting point, the white lady led the black man into the assassin’s (her co-conspirators) hideout, delivered the victim to the other two black men and left the scene quickly. The assassins robbed the man and subsequently shot him in the head and killed him instantly. Thank God at last three of them were arrested and now spending life in prison without parole. The above is the true physical and spiritual characters of all conspirators; it does not really matter which colour you are.

Please follow me to Psalm 41:9; “yeah; my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread hath lifted up his heel against me”. Here David speaks of his best friend Ahithophel, who was also his counsellor. He conspired with David’s son Absalom to eliminate David.

Conspirators are sometimes with different connotations: Against fathers, masters, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters at home, brothers and sisters in the Church. Their aim is to destroy marriages, speaking evils behind each other; husbands denigrated his responsibilities to vanity and public nuisance. They are responsible for tearing down homes, business transactions; collective ideas for building and rebuilding are left for the few elites, they conspired even against the Holy Spirit. The rich against the poor, Government against citizens?) Yes! They are all over the place.

There are more than 45 conspiracy instances in the Bible and that same spirit is still controlling unrepentant in the world today.

Discouragement: By friends – Chapter 4:10, 12, overcome by steadfastness, courage Chapter 4: 13-14 – spiritually speaking true Christians should rise up and fight; fight for the Salvation of loved ones, fight against the spirit of discouragement perpetuated by others. This fight the good fight of faith; 1Timothy 6:12.

Selfish Greed: Chapter 5:1-5; overcome by rebuke and self-sacrificing e.g. Chapter 5:6-17. Here the big woe for breaking the law of God, ‘‘you shall not oppress one another’’ Leviticus 25:14-19. The Lord had delivered Israel from Persian bondage, and now, some of the rich Jews were putting some of the people back in bondage. Nehemiah rebuked these nobles and rulers (verse 4). The rich Jews illegally took the lands, houses and money from the poor. Nehemiah demanded they should restore all back to their respective owners. Some rich men did restore back. Nehemiah called a curse upon the nobles who would fail to obey the promise. In unity, all the people said amen. The nobles obeyed.

In his self-sacrifice, Nehemiah paid all those who came to rebuild from his pocket. Nehemiah asked the Lord to think/remember him for good according to all that he had done for Israel (v19). This should also be your prayer if you do good.

This represents good leadership, Nehemiah did not prefer one before another. He did not compromise or glorify sin and those who commit sin. Without partiality, Nehemiah rebuked those who did wrong against the people irrespective of their status. The Lord may be looking down upon those leaders and people in authority with impunity who erred. “Them that sin rebuke before all; that others also may fear. “I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels, that you observe these things without preferring one before other, doing nothing by partiality” 1Timothy 5:20-21

The Work Completed despite persistent oppositions

Like the Jews we are chosen through the atoning Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many have fallen from first love and Grace. “The god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine unto them” 11Corinthians 4:4.

In the Church today we still have oppositions like Samballant and Tobias, Greshem and unknown enemies. They are noblemen: meaning they have important position in the Church, including Shemiah and Noadiah both false prophet and prophetess hired to pronounce false prophecies to get Nehemiah in a sure place and murder him Chapter 6:1-14.

Notice: greater harm always comes from insiders, the Church inclusive. But let it always be understood: In this modern times the world abounds with false prophets and prophetess and the Church is disinclined to call anyone to account.

If you don’t check up the contents of the prophecy from modern prophets and prophetess with Bible and jumped in to do it, God has no problems than to leave in your wraths. In Chapter 6:10. Nehemiah was tricked by prophet Shemiah to enter into the Temple is forbidden not to. Thank God, Nehemiah is equipped with God’s law. apparently, in God’s divine law, Nehemiah is a Prince of the tribe of Judah, and not a Priest of the tribe of Levi to enter the temple, thus was Shemaih shown to be a false prophet; his message contradicted the Bible. Therefore every other professed prophet/prophetess should be judged accordingly; is what is being said in line or in accordance with the Bible.

The Walls and the Gates of Jerusalem finished Chapter 6:15-16; Praise be to our God!

Even many of the enemies of Nehemiah and of Israel had to admit that God was in the midst of the battle; the God of Israel is His name.

Strikingly, we now know many of the powerful men were friends of Samballat and Tobia, regrettably, this hasn’t changed in the Church from then now.

Finally, if you know is nothing but a destroyer not a builder of your broken life; the house of God and the people of God, I encourage you to join people who are ready to repent and confess their sin to God with restitution.  Without a doubt, you will surely enjoy continued blessings of the Lord as content in Nehemiah 9:21-38 for you. Amen.

But on a serious reminder: Whichever role, character you play in life, whether good or bad, you will surely find your place or position in the Bible; the record book of God Almighty.

REMEMBER: Nehemiah Chapter 3, may be regarded as a specimen page from God’s book of remembrance. It is therefore, to be noted that Meremoth appears twice (v4, 21) and that “nobles did not put their neck to work”. Had the nobles know that their dereliction of duty would be read by millions down through the ages, they possibly would have done differently. We should look at ourselves in this same light; the question is, how would you like to be remembered in God’s Eternal Book of record?